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Poet Gerda Govine Ituarte

Is available for Speaking and Reading engagements. Please contact Gerda at:
or by phone at: (626) 484-0740

Library Surprise

Musky scent chokes air.
                                Ancestors wait.

Layers of quietness float in rafters.
                                Ancestors feel.

Lonely aisles listen for staccato footsteps.
                                Ancestors watch.

Telescopic eyes scan titles.
                                Ancestors smile.

Thirst wrestles ravenous appetite.
                                Ancestors drink.

Tongue holds silent words.
                                Ancestors speak.


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Artist Luis Ituarte

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As an artist, I like to disclose the creative process by all the means available to me. The objects I create; paintings, collages, sculptures, poetry and writings, along with the activities I generate; art programs, art events, political art interventions, cultural celebrations, curatorial practice, art exhibits, and teaching, are all part of my expression of humanity.

My work's real value is fulfilled when it interacts with people and brings out our cultural, social and individual personas to do the common good; it is then that I'm an artist! Art lives in human culture and it is with my art that I try to explain who I am in that culture. My intent is to create by reviewing history, observing nature's ways and participating in the politics of culture as a process to invite transformation for the best possible future.