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Hot off the press from Editions du Cygne/Swan World, Paris, France


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Prologue: Future Awakens in Mouth of NOW is a collection that unearths the layers of my lifescape which reveals what is “underneath.”To answer the questions, “What am I trying to say? What is important? NOW allows me to delve into the gentle art of staying no matter what. This is a doorway to my journey that links the “everyday” to the past and future which allows me to enter spaces and places that pulls me in to birth, lift and write my stories under the watchful eyes of my ancestors and those who are gone too soon.


Back Cover:  Released in June 2016, Future Awakes in Mouth of NOW is published by Editions du Cygne / Swan World, Paris, France. These poems acknowledge the power of silence and reflection to heal the residue that blinds and binds us. Words carry the cadence, tone, feel and melody to weave stories that are enough to create an opening to get through the dark without disappearing - to smell the breath of morning. Future Awakes in Mouth of NOW gives a nod to the influences of transition that form gasps of enjoyment and a sense of freshness.


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Cover Art: Luis Ituarte


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