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"Future Awakes in Mouth of NOW"

Released in June 2016, Future Awakes in Mouth of NOW is published by Editions du Cygne / Swan World, Paris, France. These poems acknowledge the power of silence and reflection to heal the residue that blinds and binds us. Words carry the cadence, tone, feel and melody to weave stories that are enough to create an opening to get through the dark without disappearing - to smell the breath of morning. Future Awakes in Mouth of NOW gives a nod to the influences of transition that form gasps of enjoyment and a sense of freshness.


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"Alterations |Thread Light Through Eye of Storm"

Introduced in 2015, Alterations |Thread Light Through Eye of Storm is a sensitive metaphor of life, weaving childhood memories with the handiwork of nature and the beauty produced by seasoned, insightful women, beautifully captured in vivid wordpictures.


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"Oh, Where Is My Candle Hat?"

Oh Where Is My Candle Hat? takes the reader on a memorable journey through four time spans as Gerda Govine Ituarte leads us poetically through the spaces and places, or stations, of her life. We are pleased that the first edition of Gerda Govine Ituarte's first book sold out, and a Second Edition is available.


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The Book & the Poet

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Prologue: Future Awakes in Mouth of NOW is a collection that unearths the layers of my lifescape which reveals what is “underneath.” To answer the questions, “What am I trying to say? What is important? NOW allows me to delve into the gentle art of staying no matter what. This is a doorway to my journey that links the “everyday” to the past and future which allows me to enter spaces and places that pulls me in to birth, lift and write my stories under the watchful eyes of my ancestors and those who are gone too soon.

Audience Responses at Readings

The readings seemed therapeutic for the presenter as well as the audience. How courageous to share such insights into the inner workings of the mind and the generation of feelings. Well done. . .I like your staccato style and the insights you shared were a revelation. Very brave.


Your poetry is very moving. I was delighted to be there.


Your poem about the homeless people -- so much richness there.


Thanks so much for the Beautiful book! We love it! Thank you for your gift of words and images.


"So beautiful - so sensitive - so perceptive. "


"Sliver of Light" was published in the San Gabriel Valley Quarterly Calendar 2015


Gerda was the featured poet at Holy Grounds Coffee and Tea Cafe, 5371 Alhambra Avenue, L.A. 90032, on Friday, December 19th, reading from her first book, "Oh, Where is My Candle Hat?" and the soon-to-be-published, "Alterations|Thread Light Through Eye of Storm."

Poem "School Daze" printed in Hometown Pasadena: Write Here, November 10, 2014, from "Alterations|Thread Light Through Eye of Storm."

Poem, "The First" published, San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, Winter 2014


Poem, "Above" published, San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, Summer 2014


Poem, "Still Life|Photographs" published, Poetry and Cookies: The 2014 Anthology


Poetry Reading, Black History Month Celebration Luncheon, California State Department of Fair Employment and Housing, February 27, 2014


Featured Author, "Love Our Authors Celebration,"Pasadena Central Library, February 22, 2014, 10:00 a.m.-12 noon.


Featured in HomeTown Pasadena, "Love Our Authors," Pasadena Public Central Library, February 17, 2014.


Gerda has received two grants from Friends of the Altadena Library and Poets and Writters via the James Irving Foundation to participate in the Latina Poetry Reading on October 17. Publication: February 2014


3rd Thursdays ALTA-LA, article about Gerda's October 17, 2013, reading.